The Pedantic Equestrian

A new album from model barbers

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Model Barbers - The Pedantic Equestrian

Recorded at The Bunker studio, Williamsburg Brooklyn
and Strange Weather, Williamsburg Brooklyn
by John Davis, Joel Hamilton, Marc Alan Goodman
Mixed by Joel Hamilton
Produced by Marc Alan Goodman, Joel Hamilton
Mastered by Chad Clark at Silver Sonya Mastering

Track listing:

1. Coked in a Line
2. Mars was a Distant Shore
3. The Old Sports Handshake
4. Night of the Blondes
5. A Mockery of Science
6. The Pedantic Equestrian
7. Come to Bed
8. Forget James Lo
9. Count to One
10. Born Alone Again


Mike Dillenberger on tracks 1,3,4,10
Alfonso Velez on tracks 4,10
Tony Maimone on track 3
Pepi Ginsberg on track 3
Rozz Nash on track 9
Brandon Haas on track 4