10,000 Feet Beneath the Ground

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Model Barbers - 10,000 Feet Beneath the Ground

Recorded 2007 at Studio G, Brooklyn

Mixed and Engineered by Joel Hamilton

Produced by Marc Alan Goodman



  1. The War Of Faces

The story of Our Hero begins as he returns home from the war


  1. Not Yourself

He finds that his friends and family have changed considerably in his absence, and is distraught both by their reactions towards him as well as his own feelings towards them


  1. Get Low

While walking through town he is accosted by a woman conscripting soldiers for a journey to the center of the planet


  1. I Can Never Go Home

The voyage begins well and with high hopes but Our Hero quickly finds himself disassociating from at first the crew and eventually himself


  1. Amazing

Having fallen in love with the groupÕs leader he reacts powerfully to her disappearance and his own vanishing self-image


  1. The Obvious Denied

His first reaction on finding himself irreparable severed from the others is to bask in the comfort of the isolation that he had been searching for


  1. Porcupine

However having found himself incapable of enjoyment Our Hero rediscovers the value of his own instrumentality and hallucinates a way home